When was the Twinsaver Group established?

Ethos Private Equity Group acquired Nampak’s Tissue division in April 2015, rebranding the business as the TwinCare Group. Ethos recognised the opportunity to reinvigorate and grow the company through a combination of new leadership and a new strategic direction: the shift from a packaging, manufacturing-led company to a consumer-led, FMCG brand powerhouse. The TwinCare Group then became the Twinsaver Group in July 2015.

Where are your operations situated?
Our head office is in Bryanston and we have manufacturing operations in:

  • Belville
  • Kliprivier
  • Pretoria West

See our Locations page for contact details.

What products form part of Twinsaver’s portfolio?

As well as manufacturing and distributing facial tissues, toilet paper, and roller towels. In addition, the Group supplies paper, soap and dispensing solutions to the hospitality industry, hospitals, and distributors.

Are you currently hiring?

Twinsaver aims to attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer. We offer career opportunities across a broad spectrum of fields at all our different locations. Visit our Careers page to see what is currently available.

What do you look for in a potential employee?

Twinsaver is looking for qualified, self-motivated employees who will thrive within a high-performance environment, and who will contribute an array of skills and ideas to an ever- growing and ever-changing business.

Do you offer learnerships?

Twinsaver supports the national skills development agenda through our learnership and apprenticeship programmes. These are capacity building programmes designed to attract talented and deserving individuals and develop them into suitably qualified papermakers and artisans.

What about environmental sustainability and impact?

The Twinsaver Group is an ISO 14001 certified company committed to continually improving safety, health, environment and risk management of all operations and its employees. It aims to be environmentally responsible through minimizing negative and enhancing positive environmental factors and conserving the natural resources of its operations.

Environmental aspects and impacts associated with its core business processes are managed through:

  • Creating a safe working environment through identifying and managing identified risks to as low as reasonably practicable
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Conserving natural resources through recycling programs
  • Using a significant percentage of recycled raw materials
  • Minimising hazardous waste to landfill through re-use programmes, such as paper sludge that is provided and used in brick making
  • Implementing controls to prevent pollution. Mitigating, eliminating and minimising as far as reasonably practicable, the impact of associated negative environmental impacts, and the implementation of environment management objectives and targets. And finally, monitoring progress against them.

Our list of brands

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